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TALK: “hPSC-based models of cancer and human development.”

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Dr Stefanis is Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology at the University of Athens Medical School, while Director of the Second Department of Neurology at «Attikon» Hospital, while he is also Director of Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens. With a medical background, his research ranges from the bench to the bedside, using a wide array of approaches, such as animal and cellular models, as well as patients’ biological material. He is examining the genetic underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease in the Greek population, not only in the rare familial, but also in sporadic cases. He is interested in the role of alpha-synuclein as a disease and he is examining pathways of neurotoxicity induced by aberrant alpha-synuclein, with an emphasis on the involvement of protein degradation pathways, such as Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy.

(Bio adapted from BRFAA)

TALK: "Mechanisms of Parkinson's Disease"

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